Cognitive Repair Kit

Thank You

Our research wouldn’t be possible without our partners. We’re honoured they’re equally as passionate about the Cognitive Repair Kit as we are.

We’ve received funding for the Cognitive Repair Kit from: the Atlantic Innovation Fund of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the Nova Scotia Health Research FoundationParkinson Society Canada, the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery, the Dalhousie Medical Research FoundationDalhousie University, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia.

Thank you to RedSpace Canada for their expertise in software development.

The Nova Scotia Health Authority is also working closely with us to make sure we have the clinical resources we need for development and testing.

Within Dalhousie, the Industry Liaison and Innovation Office (ILI) is our partner who supports us as we transfer our work from the lab to the people that need support.